Michael + Anna – 1 Year Anniversary!

Michael and Anna (and I) go together like all good things. I shot their engagements and then their wedding video and both these things go down as my favorite. These two are hilarious, weird, kind and comfortable around one another. They just fall together perfectly. No posing necessary. We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to catch that perfect morning light. Here’s proof:

IMG_5900 IMG_5914 IMG_5961 IMG_5901 IMG_5893 IMG_5923 IMG_5992 IMG_6594 IMG_5934 IMG_6175 IMG_6036 IMG_6149 IMG_6183 IMG_6266 IMG_6211 IMG_6412 IMG_6482 IMG_6488 IMG_6516

Noah + Amber

Noah and Amber are the real deal. Married at the The McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, the entire day exuded so much beauty. Every time Noah cried, I cried. It was a very heart warming experience simply witnessing and capturing their commitment to one another. These two truly understand the responsibility of marriage and are mature beyond their years in their selfless love for one another. My life be like… changed ooo ah ooo ah. MN3C4802MN3C4982 IMG_4667 MN3C4797 IMG_4557 IMG_4893 IMG_4949 MN3C5027 MN3C5077 IMG_5001 IMG_5143IMG_6094MN3C5133MN3C4835 IMG_4820 MN3C4925IMG_5366MN3C5196MN3C5201MN3C5240IMG_5449IMG_5451MN3C5259IMG_5486 MN3C5280MN3C5311IMG_5512IMG_5545MN3C5318IMG_5614IMG_5622IMG_5692IMG_5687 IMG_5824 IMG_5988MN3C6455MN3C6489MN3C6710-2IMG_6677IMG_6141MN3C6369MN3C5362IMG_4780MN3C5361IMG_6162IMG_6202IMG_5660IMG_5887IMG_6205IMG_6215IMG_6246IMG_6257IMG_6279IMG_6312MN3C6631MN3C6647MN3C6391 MN3C6388IMG_6432IMG_6472IMG_6493IMG_6506IMG_6773MN3C6703IMG_6474MN3C6582MN3C6586MN3C6699IMG_7018IMG_6922IMG_6920IMG_6832IMG_7666IMG_7215IMG_7442IMG_7545IMG_7514IMG_7767IMG_7560IMG_7865IMG_7601 IMG_7906 IMG_7915MN3C7035IMG_7115IMG_7797MN3C7074IMG_7756IMG_7950MN3C6531

Brian + Hannah


there are no words to describe this day. you just had to be there. brian and hannah have been together since 8th grade and it shows. it was a day that was full of such authenticity, community and joy. brian and hannah, your love is contagious and without comparison. i am truly honored to be a part of such a monumental day. i am so excited for you both!!!!

IMG_9815 IMG_8982 IMG_9016 IMG_9697 IMG_8830 IMG_9444 IMG_9786 IMG_9835 IMG_9964 IMG_0010 IMG_0046 IMG_0129 IMG_0062 IMG_0038 IMG_0157 IMG_0250 IMG_0332 IMG_0385 IMG_0416 IMG_0492 IMG_0526 IMG_0565 IMG_2111 IMG_2217 IMG_9961 IMG_0258 IMG_0658 IMG_0615 IMG_0715 IMG_0751 IMG_0832 IMG_0848 IMG_0851 IMG_0827 IMG_0855 IMG_0876 IMG_1024 IMG_1065 IMG_1126 IMG_1207 IMG_1238 IMG_1347 IMG_1489 IMG_1368 IMG_1373 IMG_1512 IMG_1529 IMG_1516 IMG_1732 IMG_1557 IMG_1561 IMG_1589 IMG_1656 1 IMG_1637 IMG_1698 IMG_1720 IMG_1773 2 IMG_1805 IMG_1816 3 IMG_1954 IMG_1874 IMG_1966 IMG_1980 IMG_2048 IMG_2083 IMG_2137 IMG_2185 IMG_2244 IMG_2390 IMG_2311 IMG_2276 IMG_2280 IMG_2351 IMG_1292 IMG_2269 IMG_2336 IMG_1301 IMG_2312 IMG_1226 IMG_2380 IMG_2452 IMG_1319 IMG_2480 IMG_2715 IMG_2794 IMG_2738 IMG_2771 IMG_2805 5 IMG_2921 6 IMG_3328 IMG_3344 IMG_3356 IMG_2663 IMG_3290 IMG_3606 IMG_3601 IMG_3637 IMG_3649 IMG_3686 IMG_3690 IMG_2578-5