is so hard to keep up with! i don’t know how people do it. here’s a bit of eye candy. quite a few weddings and engagement-y things coming your way!!


Brad + Brook

there are some couples that remind you why you’re doing it. why any of it matters. these two are one of them. i’m one seriously lucky photographer to know them.


bradandbrook-95 bradandbrook-64 bradandbrook-27 bradandbrook-102 bradandbrook-7 bradandbrook-50bradandbrook-78bradandbrook-31bradandbrook-154
bradandbrook-132 bradandbrook-100 bradandbrook-32bradandbrook-46
bradandbrook-175 bradandbrook-137 bradandbrook-151 bradandbrook-115 bradandbrook-120 bradandbrook-174 bradandbrook-85 bradandbrook-237 bradandbrook-227 bradandbrook-206 bradandbrook-218 bradandbrook-211 bradandbrook-266 bradandbrook-219 bradandbrook-248 bradandbrook-256 bradandbrook-251 bradandbrook-242 bradandbrook-281 bradandbrook-272 bradandbrook-294 bradandbrook-290 bradandbrook-277bradandbrook-300
and oh yeah… can we all agree that this is definitely a person in a dog suit. bradandbrook-183